Semenex Ingredients for Potency

Semenex Ingredients

Semenx includes amino acids (which are the building blocks of protein) along with potent herbal concentrates from various sources like China, Europe and South America. Each of these special ingredients has been proven over decades and even hundreds of years of experience (if not more) to stimulate sexual activity and increase semen and sperm production in the testes.

Semenex is a 100% safe, proprietary selection of amino acids and special herbs that have been carefully blended in a powerfully effective combination. Manufactured in a high quality cGMP Certified Pharmaceutical facility, the special Semenex ingredients include:

L-ARGININE HCL – Studies demonstrated that sperm and semen volume doubled, fertility improved (even among men with low sperm counts or poor sperm motility), and sperm health and activity increased with supplementation.

L-LYSINE – Researchers found that this amino acids plus zinc increases the number of sperm produced, stimulates testosterone production, and also improves semen quality.

EPIMEDIUM SAGITTATUM – Sometimes referred to as “horny goat weed,” this botanical raises libido and testosterone levels providing for greater sperm production.

ZINC OXIDE – Has been shown to help increase the number of sperm and sperm motility by 80% to 200% by assisting testosterone synthesis.

L-CARNITINE – This amino acid is found in high concentrations in healthy sperm. Proven to significantly increase the percentage of highly motile sperm.

CATUABA BARK – Brazilian herb that strengthens the libido, and provides nourishment to the entire male reproductive system.

PUMPKIN SEED – Supports prostate health and hormonal production.

MACA – Legendary South American botanical proven to promote libido, potency and energy.

… and other proprietary ingredients specifically chosen for their effect on male reproductive health!

Pictures and descriptions of Semenex ingredients

Made from natural ingredients with centuries of anecdotal proof in many cultures worldwide, the Semenax™ product contains botanicals and natural ingredients to tonify and support the ejaculatory ducts, epididymis, testes, prostate gland, seminal vesicles and vas deferens – that is, every part of the male reproductive system.

The formulation of Semenex is being continually tweaked to improve its effectiveness as new information on proven ingredients becomes available. This ensures that it remains the top-selling product of its type.