Semenex Volume Pills

Semenex Volume Pills are a leading brand of volume enhancers that use natural ingredients to help increase both the volume and quality of semen produced by a man.

Regular use of Semenax™ has been shown to increase the volume of male ejaculate by as much as 500 percent, while improving the standard of sperm, motility of the sperm, higher overall sperm numbers, and increased efficiency of semen and sperm production.

The benefits of increasing volume

The advantages of experiencing orgasms with greater volume and power are numerous. By increasing both the volume of fluid and quantity/health of sperm, the resulting load is not only larger, more impressive and more pleasurable, but much more potent, too.

The larger the volume of fluid and sperm that’s available for release during each orgasm, the more contractions it takes to expel all of it — and each contraction is usually stronger and more intense. The male orgasm, which is typically quite a brief event, can become a much longer-lasting and therefor more enjoyable experience.

Potency and fertility are of concern to all men, but particularly those with an immediate desire to get their partner pregnant. Infertility is becoming increasingly common, and a product like Semenax™ is a good aid to increasing fertility.

Finally, there are significant psychological benefits to a man’s confidence when he is able to increase ejaculate volume and power. Sexual confidence is not only related to success in romantic endeavours, but to many other kinds of success as well; studies show that confidence in sexual identity carries over into every aspect of a man’s life.

How volume-boosting products work

Volume increasers vary a great deal in formulation, cost and manufacture methods. Here we’ll look at a very popular and proven choice, Semenax™, to demonstrate how it works.

Semenax™ was developed by a group of health professionals to improve every aspect of sexual function and enjoyment for men. The focus has been on volume boosting, because of its many related benefits. Formulated of natural ingredients with centuries of anecdotal proof in many cultures worldwide, the Semenax™ product contains botanicals and natural ingredients to tonify and support the ejaculatory ducts, epididymis, testes, prostate gland, seminal vesicles and vas deferens — that is, every part of the male reproductive system.

Semenax™ is manufactured in a cGMP Certified Pharmaceutical facility (something to look for when shopping for volume enhancing products), with ingredients including the amino acids L-arginine HCL, L-carnitine and L-lysine for increasing testosterone and also sperm count and motility; herbals epimedium sagittatum, catuaba bark and South American maca for boosting libido and potency; and nutritionals to assist in testosterone synthesis and prostate health.